About Your Stay

Staying at Marion Health

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Admission to Marion Health is made at the request of one of more than 90 physicians on our medical staff. During admission, we gather information regarding your medical and financial needs to complete our paperwork. It is necessary for our records and your well-being to keep our records accurate and up-to-date. Upon completion of the required forms, you will be taken to your room. If you are too ill to register, you will be sent directly to the unit for care while a friend or relative completes your admission. Permission forms for treatment or surgery must be signed by each patient or by his or her next of kin. Parents sign for their children.

Medicare Rights

At the time of admission, information about Medicare will be available to you. Please ask any questions you have about Medicare and your rights as a Medicare patient.

Room Transfer

If the admitting office is unable to arrange the type of accommodations you prefer, you may request to be transferred when such accommodations are available. Request for a transfer may be made with the admitting clerk or with the charge nurse on your floor.


A member of our staff will instruct you regarding dismissal procedures after the order has been written by your doctor. Be sure to check with you doctor or your nurse for any special medications or home care instructions that may be necessary.