Obstetric & Newborn Care

Comprehensive Care for Mothers & Newborns

A new life is entering the world, and the world will change, for the birth of a child is the birth of a family. This is a unique and special time that will change your family dynamic forever, and we are honored to play a part in it.

At Marion Health we want to share in your joy as you experience life's most wondrous event, and help to make your child's birth a wonderful and memorable occasion. We strive to make this moment in your life a special experience, with personal attention that centers on you and your family. We call it the Family Birthing Center. It is our belief that care should focus on the safety and comfort of the mother and child while providing the flexibility that encourages the involvement of the entire family.

To help you prepare for birth, save and prepare this birth checklist.

Creating a Memorable Experience

The birth of a child is a natural process that should be a warm, exciting and positive experience. It should provide memories that will be cherished forever, not only by you and your family, but also by the dedicated team of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals that help you along the way.

You, your baby, and your entire family will appreciate our special commitment to this unique approach to childbirth, from the earliest days of your pregnancy, throughout your labor and delivery, and even after you've returned home.

Through it all, you'll be able to count on a sensitive and well-trained staff that takes special care to respect your dignity and privacy. They'll be right at your side the whole way, to help you, to answer your questions, to share your concerns and your joy. Or to simply hold your hand when you need a friend. That's what being a part of a family is all about.

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