FAQ - Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about My Marion Health Portal for services provided at our doctor's office locations.

Where does my health information in the portal come from?

The information available within the portal comes directly from your Marion General Hospital provider office health record. This ensures that you have access to the most accurate, up to date information regarding your health.

How do I log into the portal?

To log into the portal, go to the Marion Health website www.Marion Health.net and click on the My Marion Health Portal logo. Then select Login under the Provider Services column. First time users will need to submit an email address to their provider's office during any office visit.

If I have not been a patient of an Marion Health provider can I sign up?

No, you must have had a visit with a Marion Health Provider to have information in the Provider Services patient portal.

Can I see my Marion Health Hospital Services from this portal?

No, you will need to enroll in the Hospital Services patient portal to access your records for hospital based services.

Is my information safe?

Yes. You and your authorized representatives are the only one who can access your medical information on the patient portal. It is important for you to keep your unique username and password secure.

What do I do if I can’t remember my username or password?

There is a link to click titled “Can’t access your account?” where you would log in. You can click this link and follow the prompts to reset your account. If you need further assistance, your provider’s office can unlock your account or reset your password for you.

Is there a fee to use My Marion Health Portal?

No, My Marion Health Portal (Hospital Services and Provider Services) is free to our patients.

What if I have problems with the portal?

If you experience problems with the portal, please call your providers office for assistance.