Medical Executive Committee

Meet the Committee

James Orrell
James Orrell, MD
Chief of Medical Staff
Shankaran Srikanth
Shankaran Srikanth, MD
Vice Chief of Medical Staff
Douglas Rexg
Jeremy Wilson, DO
Secretary of Medical Staff
Tim Gillum
Tim Gillum, MD
Chief of Surgical Service
M. Nabi Sharif
M. Nabi Sharif, MD
Chief of Medicine
Stephanie Hilton-Siebert
Stephanie Hilton-Siebert, MSN, RN
President and CEO
Kyle Speakman
Kyle Speakman, MD
Chief of Outpatient Primary Care
Khatib Sirajabid
Sirajabid Khatib, MD
Medical Director of the Hospitalist Program
Stephen Michael Keller
Stephen Michael Keller, MD
Medical Director of Emergency Services