Community Plunge

Community Plunge

The Community Plunge Event is a day-long experience that allows people to gain understanding about mental health and opioid use disorders, as well as Grant County’s resources. The day includes speakers from local healthcare providers and tours of services, as well as an immersive experience.

Q1 How knowledgeable are you about the local opioid epidemic?

Q2 How knowledgeable are you about mental health illnesses?

Q3 How knowledgeable are you about Grant County’s mental health and addiction resources?

Q4 How sympathetic do you feel towards someone with a mental health or opioid use disorder?

Q5 How optimistic are you about client recovery?

Q6 Do you believe that Grant County has adequate resources to deal with the opioid crisis?

Q7 Goal for the day:
Answered: 16 Skipped: 4